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Costa Samaras is an Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University and an Adjunct Senior Researcher at the RAND Corporation, informing decisions about resilience, autonomous vehicles, and the future of energy systems. He is the Director of the Center for Engineering and Resilience for Climate Adaptation, and the Co-Director of the Power Sector Carbon Index.



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Find out about our current research areas in climate change adaptation, autonomous and electric transportation, energy security, and the transition to a low-carbon energy system.

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Our group trains students with interdisciplinary methods to be leading energy, resiliency, and autonomous systems scholars, practitioners, and decisionmakers.

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Latest News

  • Dr. Whiston and Prof. Samaras spoke at a policy briefing on the future of fuel cells for vehicles and buildings in the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill

  • Profs. Samaras, Bazilian, & Nuttall publish an essay on energy innovation in the military in Yale Global

  • Prof. Samaras was part of a research team that published a paper on the future of fuel cell vehicles in the Proceedings of The National Academies of the United States of America.

  • Prof. Samaras was named Professor of the Year by the ASCE Pittsburgh Section.

  • Prof. Samaras wrote an Op-Ed in The Washington Post on electric vehicles, as part of a series of policy ideas to address climate change

  • Prof. Samaras gave commentary in The Washington Post about Waymo’s driverless taxi service

  • Prof. Samaras was a contributor to the 4th National Climate Assessment and gave commentary about climate resilience to The New York Times.

  • Ph.D. student DeVynne Farquharson, Prof. Jaramillo, and Prof. Samaras publish paper in Nature Sustainability on electricity reliability in Sub-Saharan Africa, and write a blog post to summarize the results.

  • Ph.D. graduate Corey Harper, Prof. Hendrickson, and Prof. Samaras publish a paper in the Journal of Urban Planning and Development on driverless cars and parking.

  • Ph.D. student Tania Lopez-Cantu and Prof. Samaras publish paper in Environmental Research Letters on stormwater under climate change, and write an Op-Ed to summarize the results

  • Prof. Samaras was a guest on The Energy Transition Show

  • Ph.D. student Greg Schivley, Prof. Azevedo, and Prof. Samaras publish paper in Environmental Research Letters assessing the evolution of the U.S. power sector

  • Ph.D. student Allanté Whitmore gives talk on automated vehicle ethics at CMU's Ethics & AI Conference

Featured Videos

Prof. Samaras was a panelist discussing the future of infrastructure at a forum at The Washington Post.


Prof. Samaras and Prof. Azevedo discuss the Power Sector Carbon Index.

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